Can Aaron Gordon provide a spark for the Magic?

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The Orlando Magic is looking to gradually emerge as a competitive team in the Eastern Conference. After selecting Victor Oladipo last year at the No. 2 spot of the draft, the Magic picked up the 6’9” power forward Aaron Gordon with their fourth overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft. The Magic need to find one or more ways to shake things up. They need to find that second star to pair with Oladipo and they hope that Aaron Gordon is that guy. Can he really be a difference–maker for Orlando?

Aaron Gordon will be a member of a young core of players with lots of potential in Orlando. The truth is that his selection at the fourth overall spot of the draft came as a surprise, as there was much talent available for the Magic to pick from when their turn arrived. However, Orlando was most probably magnetized by the energy Gordon plays with every time he steps foot on the court. The 18–year old rookie also has great athletic skills and he is a solid defender.

The big question for Orlando now will be how Gordon will be able to fit alongside two other youngster forwards who seem to have lots of potential, Mo Harkless and Tobias Harris. The Magic will have to find a way to spread the minutes wisely over their three young and emerging forwards, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see Orlando trading one out of the three.

When it comes to the flaws of Arron Gordon’s game, there are many. His jump shot needs an awful lot of work, his overall offensive skills are limited, and Gordon has little to no experience playing against strong and bulky big man opponents. Although Gordon may be assigned with the task of defending the center position, in the long term he will most probably be used as a power forward.

And although the 18–year old prospect seems to have a high ceiling, he still has much work ahead to reach a difference-making level. The Magic did well to pick him out of the 2014 draft, as they now have yet another young and emerging asset to work their way to the top with. However, Magic fans should not have extreme expectations out of the 6’9” forward. In fact, Gordon may not even start for Orlando during his rookie season. All we may see him do is offer some quality minutes off the bench, especially given that the Magic still haven’t completed their offseason moves.

Overall, though, Arron Gordon fits well into this young group of emerging players the Magic currently possess. He will have the opportunity to work his way up and develop some skills. Hopefully, in a couple of seasons from now, he will be able to showcase his true potential and prove that he came in Orlando to stay and make the difference. For now, hard work is ahead of him.
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