MLB Network analyst predicts Mike Trout's All-Star Game triple (Video)

MLB Network analyst Greg Amsinger made an incredibly bold prediction about what Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout would do in Tuesday night's All-Star Game, and it came true exactly as he said it would.

Amsinger was interviewing Trout on the MLB Network All-Star Red Carpet Show before the game and revealed this daring prophecy:
"It's going to be awesome, man, when you drive in Derek Jeter in his final All-Star Game tonight? That's going to be so cool. Right? He's gonna be at second base, you're gonna hit a rope down the line, you'll end up at third, he's gonna tip his cap to you, it's gonna be cool, right?"

Sure enough, in the first inning, Jeter led off with a double, and Trout immediately followed it up with a triple to drive in Jeter for the first run of the game. Trout also hit a double later in the game to drive in the winning run for the American League and won the game's MVP trophy.

So, can Amsinger actually predict the future, or was it just an incredible stroke of luck?

Video via MLB.
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