Draymond Green and O.J. Mayo have tense postgame chat (Video)

Draymond Green and O.J. Mayo went nose-to-nose in a tense conversation just after the Golden State Warriors beat the Milwaukee Bucks 121-112 on Friday night.

Draymond Green nose-to-nose O.J. Mayo

The Warriors got revenge on Milwaukee after the Bucks snapped their NBA record winning streak. Green and Mayo were able to get some things off their chest, but Green seemed to get agitated after Mayo touched his head as they wrapped up their talk.

Green pushed Mayo's arm away, and then Green was pushed in the back by Mayo's teammate, which nearly led to a scuffle. Fortunately, enough coaches were nearby to keep players separated, and most players kept their cool to keep things from escalating.

Unfortunately, the Warriors and Bucks will not play each other again this season, unless they both make the NBA Finals.
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