Ryan Goins tags Todd Frazier with hidden ball trick (Video)

Ryan Goins fools Todd Frazier with hidden ball trick

Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Ryan Goins used a hidden ball trick to tag out New York Yankees base runner Todd Frazier during Friday night's MLB game at the Rogers Centre.

In the top of the third with one out and Frazier on second base, Yankees batter Jacoby Ellsbury hit a fly ball to right field. Jose Bautista made the catch and threw the ball in to Goins, who was holding Frazier at second. With Frazier facing the outfield, Goins faked the toss to third while keeping the ball in his glove. That was enough to fool Frazier, who began shuffling his feet and lost contact with the bag, opening the door for Goins to tag him.

Frazier was dumbfounded as he couldn't understand why he was called out, but the video clearly shows that the umps made the right call. The play ended the inning for the Yankees, and might have cost them a scoring opportunity with Aaron Judge due up next.

Goins also contributed with his bat by hitting his second-career grand slam in the sixth inning to help the Blue Jays beat the Yankees 8-1.

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