Chris Paul II not fooled by Alfonso Ribiero in new State Farm commercial

Chris Paul II, the 10-year-old son of Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul, stars in the latest State Farm commercial with Alfonso Ribiero, who is still trying to pass himself off as the real CP3.

The new ad made its online debut Friday and is entitled "Home Court" and is filmed in front of a fancy mansion that serves as Paul's home for the purposes of this commercial. It starts with the younger Chris Paul shooting at a portable basket in front of the house and asking his dad to play ball with him, thinking his dad is the man cleaning the car in the driveway with his back turned. Ribiero reveals himself and uses the opportunity to show off his moves to Paul II, who is not fooled...or impressed.

Things really go off the rails for Ribiero when he tries to shoot a no-look hook shot which goes over the backboard, knocking a flower box off the window and shattering the sunroof of CP3's parked SUV. That grabs the attention of the senior Chris Paul, who chases Ribiero away as Jake from State Farm explains the deal: "There's no replacing the real Chris Paul, just like there's no replacing State Farm."

This is good for a few laughs, which we all need during this pandemic. We hope that the real home of CP3 has a better security system than this one.

[State Farm Insurance]
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