Aaron Rodgers likes his State Farm insurance rate in new ad

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stars in a new State Farm commercial that made its debut just in time for the start of the new NFL season.

In the ad, Rodgers is tossing a ball to his dog while thanking "Jake from State Farm" for the special "Rodgers Rate" on his insurance, mistakenly thinking that State Farm is giving him a special rate just because of his status an NFL quarterback. "Jake" has to explain that everyone gets the same "great rates".

The commercial ends with a throw by Rodgers getting away from him and hitting a car in the distance. As a State Farm rep, Jake responds "I can help with that."

In reality, Rodgers doesn't have to worry about haggling for better insurance rates, considering his average annual NFL salary is currently 33.5 million dollars. He could probably cover it simply by using the check that State Farm is giving him to do this commercial. 

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