Baker Mayfield struggles with groceries in new Progressive ad

Baker Mayfield struggles to carry his groceries from the car in a single trip during the latest episode of "At Home With Baker Mayfield" which made its debut online Friday, presented by Progressive. 

The Cleveland Browns QB manages to grab the groceries from his car all at once, wrapping each arm wrapped around a paper bag and grabbing multiple plastic bags with each hand. Mayfield is feeling good until he reaches the first obstacle: a padlocked gate as he tries to enter FirstEnergy Stadium.

Baker shouts for help from his wife Emily, who is reading a magazine in the middle of the stands and can't hear him. Neither can Bobby, the groundskeeper who already thinks Mayfield is a little crazy. Meanwhile, Mayfield begins to lose the feeling in his fingers from holding all those heavy plastic bags. 

Somehow Mayfield manages to get into the stadium, still carrying all the groceries, but then he hits another obstacle: he drops his keys. Rather than putting the groceries down, he figures out a way to keep moving forward: he kicks the keys along the floor until he reaches his final destination.  Of course, those concourses at the stadium are pretty long...

Mayfield doesn't mind making himself look a little silly in this series of ads. We're sure that paycheck from Progressive makes it all worth it. 

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