Patrick Mahomes and Troy Polamalu take it up to 100 in new Head & Shoulders ad

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu take everything up to 100 as they star in a new commercial for Head & Shoulders that made its debut on Thursday, just in time for the 2020 NFL Season.

To promote the 100% dandruff protection of Head & Shoulders shampoo, Mahomes and Polamalu try to one-up each other to show off everything else they do at 100%.

Polamalu makes all his leg day workouts, catches all kids who fall off their bikes, and always uses the 100% emoji, while Mahomes answers all his mom's phone calls and eats all his green beans. 

Mahomes is certainly capitalizing on his Super Bowl winning performance, not only with a massive contract extension, but also with advertising.  Between his State Farm commercials and these Head & Shoulders ads, he should have his living expenses covered and still have plenty of money for future years if he saves his money wisely.

[Head & Shoulders]
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