Tony Romo not a fan of auto-drafting in new Corona commercial

Tony Romo mans the Corona hotline

CBS Sports NFL analyst (and retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback) Tony Romo returns to cover the Corona hotline in a new commercial that made its debut for the start of the 2020 NFL season. 

 The latest ad runs like a late-night talk show with Romo as the host behind the desk. Romo is disappointed in his guest Paul for autodrafting his fantasy team this year. Paul explains that it was simple for him to let the computer draft the players while he opened a Corona.


Romo awards Paul with a trophy in the shape of a Corona beer bottle, declaring that although Paul knows nothing about football, Paul does know how to win the draft party. 

Romo hardly needs the extra money with this Corona deal, as his CBS salary is now $17.5 million per year in the contract he signed earlier this year. Hopefully he's putting this money to good use. 

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