JJ Watt, Derek Watt and TJ Watt join parents in new Subway commercial

NFL brothers JJ Watt, Derek Watt and TJ Watt star with their parents in a new Subway commercial released today entitled "The Watt Family Shed".

The ad takes place in the family's back yard, where the family shed has been turned into a Subway.

JJ suggests Subway to a neighbor and mentions how he and his brothers ate footlong sandwiches all the time growing up. Their mother Connie explains, "They ate it so much, Dad opened one up in the shed."

The commercial then cuts to the shed, with the interior replaced by a Subway counter, along with the name on top and logo on the door.  TJ Watt is getting impatient waiting on line behind Derek as he struggles to decide what kind of sandwich to get. His silly questions for his father John, who is behind the counter ready to make the sandwiches, provide for some humor:
Derek: "What's in the turkey breast (sub)?"
John: "Turkey breast."
Derek: "Interesting...What's in the Italian BMT?"
TJ: "You come here every day!"
Since they all have speaking parts, we know they are all getting paid a little extra.  It's good that they can all share in the wealth during their down time.  Soon enough, however, the Watt brothers will be busy on Sundays earning their money on the field.

The ad is part of Subway's "footlong season" promotion, where customers can get a free footlong sub when they buy two. 

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