Baker Mayfield calls audible for 'unexpected guests' in new Progressive ad

Baker Mayfield finds himself prepare for "unexpected guests" in a new episode of "At Home With Baker Mayfield", the latest commercial in the series by Progressive Insurance. 

In this ad, the Cleveland Browns QB is getting in some throws when groundskeeper tells him that some people will be arriving to re-sod the field. The announcement sends Mayfield into a tizzy as he realizes he is completely unprepared for "company".
"Wait. We're having company? I didn't put out the snacks. Did we have any of those mini quiches? And remove anything breakable! They might have little kids! Hey, do we have any scented candles? It stinks in here...And check the toilets. We've got 68,0000 of them." 
As always, Bobby thinks Mayfield is completely insane to treat his home stadium as his actual home.  As for us viewers, however, we know Mayfield is just playing the part to collect that fat paycheck.

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