New York Jets mocked on SNL Weekend Update

The New York Jets were the punch line for a joke on the Weekend Update segment of this weekend's season premiere of Saturday Night Live. 

The Jets have been an embarrassment for many years, especially now under the complete incompetence of head coach Adam Gase. In 2020, the Jets have started the season 0-4 for the second consecutive year. This week they face the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in a game which could have the biggest NFL point spread of all time. There is no hope for this team, certainly not this year. 

Hence the setup for Michael Che's joke:
"The Tennessee Titans halted in-person workouts after three players tested positive for coronavirus. 'Well, I guess we gotta cancel the whole season and forget it ever happened', said the New York Jets."

Unfortunately for Jets fans, that thought comes around just about every season. 

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