Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers dine at steakhouse in new State Farm ads

Super Bowl MVPs Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers enjoy a meal at a steakhouse with "Jake from State Farm" in a new series of commercials released online Friday. 

The short 15-second version of the commercial features Mahomes and Rodgers asking Jake which is better, the "Rodgers Rate" or the "Patrick Price". They refuse to believe that State Farm offers everyone "surprisingly great rates". The "special rates" were brought up in last month's ads which featured Mahomes showing off his cornhole skills and Rodgers tossing a ball to his dog.

In the 30-second ad, Rodgers continues the "Rodgers Rate" discussion while Mahomes completely douses his steak in ketchup.

Mahomes is known for putting ketchup on everything, including steak, despite the fact that people might consider it weird. Well, Mahomes is making millions of dollars from the NFL and these endorsement deals, so he can enjoy steak however he wants.

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