Scott Van Pelt stars in hysterical cross-promotional Hulu-ESPN ad

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt is making a little extra money by starring in a new Hulu commercial highlighting ESPN as part of their live TV subscription bundle. 

The ad opens with Van Pelt sitting at his SportsCenter anchor desk looking over an ad read.  He starts ranting:
"What is this? It's another ad read. These things are getting out of control...Do they really think I'm gonna interrupt the show to tell people 'Watch ESPN live on Hulu'? Come on!"

However, as SVP continues to rant, more and more things in the background begin to change into Hulu's trademark vibrant green color.  Before you can blink, Van Pelt's glasses, tie and pocket square have changed to green, even as he claims to be a man of principle who would never sell out like that.

It reminds us of a certain scene from the movie Wayne's World. We wouldn't have it any other way.  Make that cash, SVP!

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