Tide Super Bowl LV commercial features 'Jason Alexander Hoodie'

Jason Alexander plays a supporting role in a commercial for Tide that will air during Super Bowl LV next week, while the real star of the ad is the hoodie with his face on it. 

The commercial starts with a mom walking into her teenage son's bedroom and asking her to wash the Jason Alexander hoodie. The boy has a typical reaction, as he looks over at the hoodie laying on top of a chair in his room and says "It looks clean to me." 

The mother expresses some doubt: "Is it though?"
As the theme from the classic 80s television show "The Greatest American Hero" begins to play, the boy begins to remember some situations where the hoodie may have gotten a bit messy, dirty or infected with germs, and the viewer is treated to a montage of these scenes. We watch the boy used the hoodie as a napkin for his phone, a cushion for a park bench that he could sit on, and as home plate during a softball game. The hoodie also suffered some other wear and tear from playing basketball, washing the car and breakdancing, not to mention tug-of-war with the dog. 

The hilarious part of the commercial, however, comes from watching Jason Alexander's facial expressions change on the hoodie to fit the situations. Alexander's face appears shocked as the dog drools on him and scared as the boy tosses his sweaty sock into his gym bag on top of him. Alexander's face winces in pain after taking a direct hit from a basketball. 

Jason Alexander appears as himself at the end of the ad, reacting to the boy crossing the street in front of his car while wearing the hoodie with his face on it.
"Hey, that's my face! You can't just wear my face! Give me back my face!"
Super Bowl LV commercials cost $5.5 million for 30 seconds.  This is a 60-second ad, so it would seem that Procter & Gamble (the company that manufactures Tide) spent $11 million just to have this aired during the big game.  That would not include a paycheck to Alexander himself - no word on how much he made on this.

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