Video: Minor League Manager Climbs Outfield Wall After Ejection

In a minor league game between the Norfolk Tides and the Durham Bulls, a deep fly ball hit to center field by Tyler Henson appeared to be a home run.  However, the umpires overruled the home run and labeled it a ground-rule double, saying that although the ball did clear the wall, it did not clear the yellow grating on top of the wall.  (This was verified by the replay in the video below at around the 1:30 mark.)

To support the umpire ruling, one of them went out to the center field fence retreive the ball hit by Henson.  This did not satisfy Norfolk Tides manager Gary Allenson, who seemed to think that the ball that the umpire retrieved was a different ball from a different day.  Allenson decides to go look for the "real" ball by walking out to center field and climbing the outer fence to go look for it, causing an even longer delay in the game. 

Needless to say, Allenson was ejected from the game, and now has this video on the Internet that he will need to explain to his future employers. 

Minor league manager climbs outfield fence in protest of call [Big League Stew]
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