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Dec 19, 2014

Andre Drummond decks James Johnson as revenge for being posterized (Video/GIFs)

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond knocked Toronto Raptors forward James Johnson after Johnson posterized him on the prior offensive possession during the fourth quarter of Friday night's game at The Palace at Auburn Hills.

Johnson drove down the baseline and threw down an absolute monster one-handed dunk over Drummond:

Naturally, Drummond was not happy, so when Johnson got the ball on the next Raptors possession and tried to drive to the basket, Drummond decked him with his forearm and hip:

Andre Drummond decks James Johnson

The play by Drummond sparked a minor scuffle on the court, and although no punches were thrown, four players (including Drummond) were given technical fouls. Drummond was called for a flagrant 1 for the body check on Johnson.

Drummond finished with 7 points and 11 rebounds, but Johnson got the last laugh with 12 points and 8 rebounds as the Raptors won the game 110-100. The Pistons have now lost 12 straight games at home.


Dion Waiters hits LeBron James in face with pass (Video/GIF)

Cleveland Cavaliers backup guard Dion Waiters hit teammate LeBron James directly in the face with a pass during Friday night's game against Brooklyn.

Waiters got the pass to James quickly, but apparently a bit too quickly as James couldn't get his hands up to grab the ball.

Get your hands up, LeBron!

Things worked out in the end as the Cavs beat the Nets 95-91, with James leading the way by scoring 22 points and dishing out 9 assists.


Martin Brodeur gets beat as puck takes crazy bounce (Video)

St. Louis Blues goaltender Martin Brodeur gave up a third period goal on a shot from center ice that took a crazy bounce during Thursday night's game in Los Angeles.

Kings forward Dwight King dumped the puck from center ice towards the Blues net. Brodeur got on his knees to stop the puck as it took a low bounce, but the puck suddenly bounced high over his right shoulder, and the next thing you knew, it hit Brodeur's water bottle from inside the back of the net.

Not much Brodeur could do about that one. It was a tough day for him as he gave up six goals as the Blues lost to the Kings 6-4.

Video via NHL.

Dec 18, 2014

Why did Claude Giroux bite Erik Gudbranson’s jersey? (GIF)

Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux bit the jersey of Florida Panthers defenseman Erik Gudbranson during a stoppage of play in Thursday night's game at the Wells Fargo Center.

OK, technically that's not a penalty, but this deserves one simply because it's so weird. What possesses Giroux to do this? Is this supposed to give him some kind of edge?  Or is he just unable to control his animal instinct?  

You would think that the outbreak of mumps spreading around the NHL would be enough to make Giroux think twice about something like this. Apparently not.


Dwight Howard kicks Nuggets mascot in face (GIF)

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard delivered a playful kicked to the face of Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky during a timeout in Wednesday night's game at the Pepsi Center.

Rocky was playfully taunting Howard when the Rockets big man kicked him in the nose:

Given the delayed reaction in Rocky's fall, it's safe to say that he was not hurt.

Howard scored 24 points and grabbed 16 rebounds as the Rockets beat the Nuggets in overtime 115-111.

Video via G4NBAVideos. H/T TNLP.

Dec 17, 2014

WATCH: Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas runs over referee (Video)

In Capital One Cup quarterfinal action Tuesday, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas ran over referee Jonathan Moss during the first half of their 3-1 victory over Derby County.

In the 38th minute, Fabregas was following the play in the middle of the field as Moss had his back to him. Fabregas slammed into Moss back and knocked him to the ground while continuing to play on as if nothing happened.

The referee did not call a penalty on Fabregas because the collision was an accident...or was it?


Andre Miller's putback slam rejected by the rim (GIF)

Washington Wizards reserve guard Andre Miller failed to convert on a putback slam dunk, getting rejected by the rim, during the second quarter of Tuesday night's game against Minnesota.

Miller was following a missed reverse jump hook by teammate Kevin Seraphin, but just wasn't high enough above the rim:

Miller went 0-for-3 in 7 minutes of playing time. The Wizards beat the Timberwolves 109-95.

Video via G4NBAVideos(@CJZero).

Jets owner Woody Johnson favorites 'Fire John Idzik' Tweet

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is not immune to social media goofs. On Wednesday, Johnson accidentally marked a tweet as a a favorite which calling for the firing of his team's general manager John Idzik and called the Jets roster "garbagio".

Johnson acknowledged the "mistake" publicly late Wednesday night, which would seem to indicate that he did click on the tweet himself, as opposed to someone else running his Twitter account:

If there was any question whether the message from Jets fans that want John Idzik fired has gotten the attention of Johnson, this should make it clear that the message has been received. It should make for an interesting final two weeks within the Jets front office headquarters.


Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri slips on puck in pregame warmups (GIF)

Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri slipped on a puck and fell backwards onto the ice in pregame warmups prior to Tuesday night's game against Anaheim.

Kadri was skating backwards as a group of pucks was tossed on the ice in his direction. As Kadri tried to control a puck and skate away with it, he stepped on one of the other ones, which led to the fall.

Kadri got a good chuckle out of the embarrassing situation and didn't let it phase him, scoring a goal in the Maple Leafs' 6-2 victory over Anaheim.

Video via NHL.

Dec 16, 2014

Dwyane Wade poked in eye by referee (Video)

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was accidentally poked in the eye by referee Sean Corbin during Tuesday night's game in Brooklyn.

It happened as Wade chased a ball out of bounds underneath the basket as Sean Corbin was covering the baseline. Corbin lifted his hands up as he was blowing his whistle and grazed Wade in the eye.

However, the question as to whether Wade exaggerated the contact with a flop is certainly up for debate given his history.

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