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Jul 25, 2014

Nick Saban wears Luigi hat for Colin Cowherd (Video)

Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban wore a Luigi hat (based on the legendary Mario Bros. video game series) during a segment of ESPN personality Colin Cowherd's new football TV show, appropriately called "Colin's New Football Show".

During the Cage Confessional segment, Cowherd made reference to the houndtooth hat that legendary Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant used to wear and asked Saban if he would consider wearing a hat. Saban was willing to put on the Luigi hat for a goof, and said he would consider wearing it during a game if it enhances his image.

Saban also admitted that he was very afraid of Santa Claus when he was young, and he originally got involved in sports when he was 9 years old as a way to get out of accordion practice. Here's the full segment:

Video via ESPN.

Eddie Vedder leads 7th-inning stretch at Cubs game (Video)

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder (and his niece and nephew) led the traditional singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" as part of the 7th-inning stretch during Thursday night's Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

With the Cubs losing to the visiting San Diego Padres 12-1 at the time, Vedder sang the song well and did his best to lift the spirits of the crowd. Unfortunately, the Cubs were only able to score two more runs and succumbed to a 13-3 defeat.

Video via MLB.

Jul 24, 2014

Jon Jay strikes out on 4-2 pitch as everyone forgets count (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay was a strikeout victim despite being pitched four balls when seemingly everyone, including the umpire and himself, forgot the count during his seventh inning at-bat in Wednesday night's game against Tampa Bay.

Here's the recap of the at-bat as Jay faced Rays pitcher Alex Cobb:
  • First pitch was down the middle for strike one.
  • Second pitch was low, making the count 1-1.
  • Third pitch hit the inside corner: 1-2.
  • Next pitch to Jay was inside: 2-2.
  • A changeup missed low, making the count 3-2.
  • Cobb misses again on a pitch outside.  
That should have been ball four.  However, for whatever reason, the count stayed at 3-2.  Home plate umpire Dan Bellino obviously lost track, and so did Jay, but no one on the Cardinals caught it either, and even the television announcers didn't notice.  So the at-bat continued:
  • Jay fouls off the next pitch, so the count remained 3-2 on the scoreboard, even though in reality the count was 4-2.
  • Jay gets caught looking at a pitch on the inside corner for strike three.
The strikeout ended the seventh inning, and it was only after the commercial break that the missed count was brought to the attention of the TV announcers. 

You know this is really bad when the ESPN pitch-by-pitch recap of the game doesn't even know what to do with it, as they just stopped tracking pitches after 3-2:

Ultimately, the fault lies with Bellino, as it's his job to keep track of the count. Hopefully he will be disciplined appropriately.

Video via MLB.

Jul 23, 2014

Brewers stadium turnstile squashes Reds fan's groin (Video)

A Cincinnati Reds fan received a surprise welcome as he arrived at Miller Park in Milwaukee to watch his favorite team take on the Brewers when a turnstile at the stadium entrance kicked up into his groin. To make things even more awkward, it was all captured live on camera.

Fortunately he was OK, but maybe he'll approach that turnstile a little bit slower next time.


Tony Cruz uses 'The Wolf of Wall Street' chest-beating chant as walk-up music (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz used the chest-beating chant from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" as his walk-up music for his ninth inning at-bat during Monday night's game against Tampa Bay.

Definitely an unusual choice, to say the least. However, it didn't seem to work for him last night, as Cruz struck out looking.

Video via MLB.

Jul 22, 2014

Patty Mills, Aron Baynes videobomb Australian live TV report with NBA trophy

Last week, an Australian television reporter was videobombed during a live report by San Antonio Spurs center Australian native Aron Baynes, who happened to be carrying the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy, along with fellow teammate Patty Mills.

FOX Sports Australia reporter Julian de Stoop was outside of the headquarters of Collingwood football club when he was "attacked" by Mills and Baynes. Julian didn't realize who the intruders were, so he continued on with his live report while giving Mills a gentle shove.

Naturally, he was pretty surprised once the identities of the videobombers were revealed and gave an apology via Twitter:

Patty Mills Aron Baynes videobomb

Video via ThePostGame. H/T FOX Sports.

Shane Greene makes comically horrendous toss to first (Video)

Shane Green bad throw to first

New York Yankees rookie pitcher Shane Greene had three errors in Monday night's 4-2 loss to Texas, including one that may go down as the worst underhanded toss to first by a pitcher in the history of the major leagues.

It happened in the second inning as Greene fielded a grounder from Rangers batter Jim Aducci. Greene took a few steps toward first before tossing it to first, but the ball sailed over Kelly Johnson's head at first base - by at least 5 feet.

Despite the three errors, Greene managed to make it to the sixth inning while only giving up one run. Unfortunately, the wheels fell off there as manager Joe Girardi left him in too long, and Greene took the loss as the Yankees were defeated by the Rangers 4-2.

Vine via Chris Mottram. H/T BLS.

Cliff Lee wraps up interview with loud fart (Video)

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee wrapped up a postgame interview with a loud fart after Monday night's game against San Francisco.

Lee took the loss in the Phillies' 7-4 defeat to the Giants, giving up 6 runs on 12 hits in 5.2 innings. After calmly discussing his disappointing performance with a group of reporters, Lee may have stepped over the line of good taste when he decided to let off some steam - literally.

Lee was making his first start after coming off the 60-day DL, so it would be understandable for him to be a little rusty. However, as hilarious as Lee's flatulence may have seemed, the reporters didn't fully appreciate it:

H/T 700 Level.

Jul 21, 2014

Can Aaron Gordon provide a spark for the Magic?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Ron of FantasyBasketballMoneyLeagues.com. For more NBA news and updates, visit Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues today.

The Orlando Magic is looking to gradually emerge as a competitive team in the Eastern Conference. After selecting Victor Oladipo last year at the No. 2 spot of the draft, the Magic picked up the 6’9” power forward Aaron Gordon with their fourth overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft. The Magic need to find one or more ways to shake things up. They need to find that second star to pair with Oladipo and they hope that Aaron Gordon is that guy. Can he really be a difference–maker for Orlando?

Aaron Gordon will be a member of a young core of players with lots of potential in Orlando. The truth is that his selection at the fourth overall spot of the draft came as a surprise, as there was much talent available for the Magic to pick from when their turn arrived. However, Orlando was most probably magnetized by the energy Gordon plays with every time he steps foot on the court. The 18–year old rookie also has great athletic skills and he is a solid defender.

The big question for Orlando now will be how Gordon will be able to fit alongside two other youngster forwards who seem to have lots of potential, Mo Harkless and Tobias Harris. The Magic will have to find a way to spread the minutes wisely over their three young and emerging forwards, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see Orlando trading one out of the three.

When it comes to the flaws of Arron Gordon’s game, there are many. His jump shot needs an awful lot of work, his overall offensive skills are limited, and Gordon has little to no experience playing against strong and bulky big man opponents. Although Gordon may be assigned with the task of defending the center position, in the long term he will most probably be used as a power forward.

And although the 18–year old prospect seems to have a high ceiling, he still has much work ahead to reach a difference-making level. The Magic did well to pick him out of the 2014 draft, as they now have yet another young and emerging asset to work their way to the top with. However, Magic fans should not have extreme expectations out of the 6’9” forward. In fact, Gordon may not even start for Orlando during his rookie season. All we may see him do is offer some quality minutes off the bench, especially given that the Magic still haven’t completed their offseason moves.

Overall, though, Arron Gordon fits well into this young group of emerging players the Magic currently possess. He will have the opportunity to work his way up and develop some skills. Hopefully, in a couple of seasons from now, he will be able to showcase his true potential and prove that he came in Orlando to stay and make the difference. For now, hard work is ahead of him.

Shelby Miller inducted into Cardinals bullpen with 'Fall of Trust' (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller was indoctrinated into the bullpen by his fellow relievers by going through the "Fall of Trust" ceremony prior to Sunday's game against the L.A. Dodgers.

As part of the ritual, Miller had to stand on the edge of the wall down the right field bleachers and fall backwards, trusting that his fellow Cardinals relievers would be there to catch him. Fortunately, Miller learned that he could count on his teammates.

Miller has been struggling as a starter with a 7-8 record, and Cards manager Mike Matheny recommended the move to the bullpen to give Miller some extra rest. It's unclear how long Miller will remain in the pen.

Video via MLB. H/T CBSSports.