Zach Edey drops F-bomb in postgame interview as Purdue reaches Final Four (Video)

Purdue senior center Zach Edey dropped an F-bomb during a postgame interview after Purdue advanced to the Final Four of the NCAA men's basketball tournament for the first time in 44 years.

Edey scored 40 points and grabbed 16 rebounds to lead the Boilermakers to a 72-66 victory over Tennessee in the Midwest Regional Final. When asked about his mentality in the game, Edey delivered a passionate response, punctuated by the F-bomb:

WARNING:The following video features bad language. Not for the kids.

"They thought they knew us, man. They thought they knew what we had in our hearts. I promise you they didn't. We're f***ing winners! That's what we do!"

We have seen athletes and coaches drop F-bombs during postgame interviews quite a few times. That's the beauty of live TV, although it is surprising that the censors are always caught flat-footed during these moments.

Next up, Purdue will face NC State next Saturday. Should be fun to watch. Hopefully the censors will be ready next time if Purdue wins.

[The Big Lead]

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