Delaware head coach Ryan Carty drops F-bomb in live interview after win over Navy

Delaware football coach Ryan Carty drops F-bomb in live interview, Delaware vs. Navy, 9/3/2022
Delaware Blue Hens football coach Ryan Carty accidentally dropped an F-bomb in a live interview after Saturday's win over Navy.

Delaware beat Navy 14-7 to give the Blue Hens their first win over an FBS school since 2007, which was also against Navy. Carty made a statement with his team's performance on the field, which happened to be his head coaching debut, but off the field as well with his postgame interview with CBS Sports as he stated that he was "proud to be a f***in' Blue Hen."

Carty immediately apologized, but his excitement was understandable, as beating an FBS team should certainly help improve Delaware's FCS ranking next week. Carty is a Delaware alum who played for the 2003 national championship team, and he seems to have things on the right track for the Blue Hens program.

This was not the first curse heard on TV today during college football coverage. The network censors have to step things up a notch.


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