Kirk Herbstreit accidentally drops s-bomb on ESPN College GameDay

Kirk Herbstreit drops s-bomb on College GameDay, 9/3/2022
ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was caught by a hot mic as he accidentally dropped an s-bomb during Saturday morning's Week 1 edition of College GameDay, and hysterics ensued.

The GameDay crew was broadcasting from the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in anticipation of Saturday night's season opener against Notre Dame. During one segment, the crew was playing a game of "quarterback roulette" where the crew would have to analyze the prospects of a random college QB was displayed on the screen. When it came to Herbstreit's turn, the screen quickly rotated through QBs and stopped on Tommy DeVito, the starter at Illinois who transferred from Syracuse. Herbstreit was either unprepared or unhappy with tis selection, as evidenced by his comment: "Oh, sh**."

That led to hysterical laughter from the entire GameDay crew, especially David Pollack. Herbstreit is not known for this, which may explain why the censors were caught napping.

Live television is great as you get hilarious moments like this, and over the years, College GameDay has had some doozies.

[Awful Announcing. HT @NinersDawgs.]

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