Video: Lee Corso Curses Live On ESPN's College Gameday

ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso dropped an F-bomb right at the end of Saturday morning's College Gameday show when picking the winner of today's Houston-SMU game.

Corso was about to shout something into an SMU megaphone, but then said "Ah, f*** it" and put on the head of Houston Cougar mascot Shasta.  College Gameday co-hosts Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit were left in hysterics, along with their special guest, Houston alumnus and Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis.

Fowler scolded Corso as he was still wearing Shasta's head with "Shasta, shame on you.  Wash your mouth out."  Once again, the ESPN censors were caught napping.

UPDATE: During the first quarter of the Nebraska-Michigan that aired on ESPN following College Gameday, Lee Corso apologized for getting "a bit excited" and using an expletive that he "shouldn't have used". Corso, who appeared to be reading a note that was written for him, said that "I can promise that it won't happen again".

Lee Corso Drops An “F” Bomb On Gameday [Cosby Sweaters]
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