Byron Buxton nearly taken out by 'Bratwurst' in Brewers sausage race (Video)

Byron Buxton caught in Brewers sausage race, Twins vs. Brewers, 4/2/2024
Minnesota Twins center fielder Byron Buxton had a close call during Tuesday's game in Milwaukee as he was nearly run over by one of the Brewers mascots.

It happened in the middle of the sixth inning as the Brewers held a 3-1 lead. It was the home opener for the Brewers, so this was the first "sausage race" of the season for the Famous Racing Mascots. Buxton was head out to his spot in the infield for the bottom of the sixth, not realizing that the mascots were barreling down the warning track and about to pass the Twins mascot. Buxton took a step out of the dugout when he turned and found himself facing "Bratwurst" coming at him at full speed. He managed to get out of the way just in time as Bratwurst was forced to slow down to avoid the collision.

This isn't the first close call between athletes and mascots that we have seen, as Charlie Morton navigated through a Reds mascot race in Cincinnati last year.

Buxton finished the game 1-for-4 as the Twins lost to the Brewers 3-2. Not a great day, but it could have been a lot worse. At least he didn't get hurt.

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