Andre Drummond, Torrey Craig combine for disastrous dunk fail (Video)

Andre Drummond and Torrey Craig combine for dunk fail, Knicks vs. Bulls, 4/9/2024

The Chicago Bulls will likely find themselves featured in NBA blooper reels for a while after an embarrassing fast-break dunk during Tuesday night's game against the visiting New York Knicks.

It happened in the first minute of the second quarter with the Knicks holding a 36-27 lead. The Knicks were on offense to start the quarter when Bulls center Andre Drummond stole the ball from Knicks guard Bojan Bogdanovic. Bulls forward Torrey Craig picked up the loose ball and found himself ahead of everyone on the fast break. To put on the show for the crowd, Craig lobbed the ball off the backboard with the intention of setting himself up for a slam dunk.

However, Drummond trailed Craig, saw the lob off the backboard and thought it was intended for him. The confusion resulted in Drummond and Craig attempting the slam dunk at the same time. Disaster ensued as both players missed the dunk, with Craig falling to the floor as the Knicks grabbed the defensive rebound.

We have seen plenty of missed slam dunks over the years, but this may be the first time we have seen two players combine for a failed slam dunk.

It should come as no surprise that the Knicks beat the Bulls 128-117.


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