Josh Jung records 2 outs in inning while mic'd up on Opening Day (Video)

Josh Jung micd up, Cubs vs. Rangers, 3/28/2024

Texas Rangers third baseman Josh Jung made the most of his time mic'd up on ESPN by recording two outs during an inning of Thursday night's Opening Day game against the Chicago Cubs.

Jung was mic'd up for the top of the third as the Cubs held a 1-0 lead. Cubs batter Nick Madrigal hit a grounder to Jung on the 2-2 pitch, who handled it with no issues for the first out of the inning, leading him to wonder if he should be mic'd up more often.

After Yan Gomez hit a fly ball to right for the second out, Cubs batter Ian Happ hit a check swing grounder to Jung, allowing him to toss to first for the third out to end the inning and thank the ESPN broadcasters while he jogged off the field. We cannot verify whether Jung was the first MLB player to record 2 outs in an inning while mic'd up, but we are confident that it does not happen very often.

You never know what you will hear from players while mic'd up, but it tends to provide quality laughs for the viewers at home.

Jung finished the game 1-for-3 with a double, two walks and a run scored as the Rangers beat the Cubs 4-3 in 10 innings.


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