Manny Machado tries, fails to break bat over his knee (Video)

Manny Machado fails to break bat over knee, Giants vs. Padres, 3/28/2024

San Diego Padres slugger Manny Machado tried to break his bat over his leg during Thursday's home opener against San Francisco, but failed miserably.

It happened in the bottom of the sixth inning with one out and a runner on third as the Padres looked to extend their 2-1 lead. On the 1-0 pitch, Machado failed to make solid contact on a 90 mph sinker, instead hitting a soft line drive to the second baseman for the second out of the inning and leaving Fernando Tatis Jr. stuck at third base. Machado was not happy with himself and took his frustration out on his bat, or at least tried to. Unfortunately, he did not make solid contact with that, either.

It is extremely difficult to break a wooden bat over their knee, but some can not only do it, but also make it look easy, such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Machado finished the game 0-for-3, but did walk and score a run, as the Padres beat the Giants 6-4. He may want to avoid attempting that moving forward, not only to avoid further embarrassment but also to avoid possibly injuring himself.


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