Vladimir Guerrero Jr. breaks bat over knee after being struck out vs. Yankees

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. breaks bat over knee, Blue Jays vs. Yankees, 5/11/2022

Toronto Blue Jays superstar first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. displayed some stunning strength in a moment of frustration during Wednesday's game in the Bronx against their division rival New York Yankees. 

It happened in the top of the fifth inning as Guerrero came to the plate with two outs and a runner on second base as the Yankees held a 3-1 lead. On a 1-2 pitch, he struck out swinging on an 89 mph cutter from pitcher Jameson Taillon to end the inning. Guerrero was so angry with himself that he slammed the bat down on the ground before cracking it in half with his knee. We've seen a few players break their bats over their knees through the years, and Guerrero is just the latest addition to the "highlight reel". Guerrero finished 1-for-4 for the game with a single, and he also grounded into a double play later in the game. 

The Yankees won the game 5-3. The Jays have now lost four straight games, so Guerrero's disgust likely captures the mood of the team right now. [LBS]
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