Marlins scoreboard operator rips Detroit during Tigers-Marlins game (Photos)

Miami Marlins scoreboard operator rips Detroit, Tigers vs. Marlins, 7/30/2023

The Miami Marlins scoreboard operator posted some savage roasts mocking the city of Detroit during Sunday's game against the Tigers at LoanDepot Park.

The first joke was posted in the top of the third inning as Tigers leadoff batter Matt Vierling at the plate. The scoreboard operator apparently had nothing special for Vierling for the "Player Note" section of the scoreboard, so instead he posted "Since 1950, Detroit has lost 65% of its population."

The population decline in the city of Detroit seems to be accurate based on our sources. However, it is unclear why the LoanDepot Park scoreboard operator felt it was necessary to take a shot at Detroit. As luck would have it, the Tigers went on to score four runs in the top of the third to take a 4-0 lead. Maybe it was karma.

However, in the top of the fourth, with Andy Ibanez at the plate, another interesting player note was posted: "Only 2 actual tigers live in the Detroit Zoo."

Tigers mocked by Marlins scoreboard operator,
That was amusing considering that Detroit's MLB team is named the Tigers. Again, however, not sure why the person operating the scoreboard decided to go there. What is their grudge against the city of Detroit?

Over the years, we have seen balls hit scoreboards and names misspelled on scoreboards, but we have not seen messages on a scoreboard target an opposing city so viciously.

We would guess that the scoreboard operator went home happy as the Marlins rallied to beat the Tigers 8-6. The Phillies come to town next, so it will be interesting to see if the scoreboard takes some shots at the City of Brotherly Love next.

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