Braves turn unusual 8-3-5 triple play vs. Red Sox (Video)

Braves turn 8-3-5 triple play, Braves vs. Red Sox, 7/25/2023
The Atlanta Braves turned an unconventional 8-3-5 triple play due to some terrible base running by the Boston Red Sox during Tuesday night's MLB game at Fenway Park.

It happened in the bottom of the third inning with no outs with the Red Sox holding a 2-1 lead. Red Sox batter Triston Papas hit a fly ball to shallow right-center field. Adam Duvall ran most of the way from second to first before realizing the ball might be caught. By the time he turned back, center fielder Michael Harris II had caught the ball and threw it to first to easily double up Duvall.

Meanwhile, Red Sox runner Masataka Yoshida had returned to second but decided to head for third on the throw to first base from Harris, thinking he would catch the Braves sleeping. He was sadly mistaken, as first baseman Matt Olson threw to third in plenty of time to tag out Yoshida and close out the triple play.

We have seen baserunning blunders before where runners forget the number of outs. However, this seemed to be a case of the runners misreading the situation.

Fortunately for the Red Sox, the triple play was the low point of the evening for them. They were able to score three runs in the next two innings and won the game 7-1.

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