Yankees scoreboard misspells Jacob Ellsbury's last name on Opening Day (Photo)

The New York Yankees held their home opener on Monday at Yankee Stadium, which marked the first home game in pinstripes for newcomer Jacoby Ellsbury. The Yankees will pay Ellsbury $153 million over the course of his 7-year contract. With the ability to throw around that kind of money, you would think the Yankees could afford to have a spellcheck mechanism for player names on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard. Apparently not.

Photo via Twitter / @SportsonEarth.

This is a photo taken of the scoreboard during Ellsbury's sixth inning at-bat, his fourth of the game, which shows his last name incorrectly spelled as "Ellsubry". Not sure if the name was misspelled for his earlier at-bats, but it would seem likely. Hopefully someone doesn't lose his job over this flub.

Despite the less-than-ideal welcome to the Bronx, Ellsbury went 2-for-4 with an RBI in the 4-2 Yankees victory over Baltimore.

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