MLS play-by-play announcer drops Kate Middleton reference in call of incredible save (Video)

Roman Burki save, LA Galaxy vs. St. Louis City FC, 3/16/2024

An MLS televsion announcer made the most of his call of an amazing save by dropping a hilarious reference to the infamous Kate Middleton Mother's Day photo during Saturday night's match between St. Louis City FC and the visiting LA Galaxy.

It happened in the 54th minute with the Galaxy holding a 2-1 lead. LA Galaxy forward Dejan Joveljic took a right footed shot in front of the net from point blank range, but St. Louis City FC goalkeeper Roman Burki managed to swat it safely away with his left hand. The save inspired an excited call by St. Louis City play-by-play man Joey Zanaboni with an unlikely nod to current events.

"Oh! Roman Burki! Stones Jovovic! Panels one away! Oh, Roman Burki! Altering that shot like it’s a Kate Middleton mother’s day photo!"

Now that's just totally unexpected...and absolutely hilarious.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw, the third draw of the season for both teams.

[Awful Announcing]

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