Video: Mardy Fish Loses Temper, And Match, Against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at US Open

In US Open tennis action today, Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Mardy Fish, but not before Fish hurled an insult in his direction that was caught during live coverage of today's match.

Apparently there was an issue between Tsonga and Fish during the match, where each player was complaining about noise coming from the other player's courtesy box.

In the sequence in this video, microphones catch Fish saying "Now who's talking about who's box making noise?" After a response from Tsonga, Fish replies "I don't speak French, dumbass." Real classy, Mardy.

Wonder what Tsonga's response to Fish was during the post-game handshake after he beat him?

Mardy Fish Calls Jo Tsonga Dumbass [Sports Grid]
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