Video: Tom Brady Tells Patriots Fans To "Start Drinking Early" and "Get Lubed Up"

Today a reporter asked New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady if he had a message for the fans coming to the game on Sunday. Brady said "Start drinking early...get nice and rowdy."

Brady continued "...4:15 game, that's a lot of time to get lubed up...come out here and cheer for their home team."

Yeah, that's what we need - the star player of the New England Patriots franchise encouraging their fans to get drunk and get crazy at the game.

The Patriots front office knew they had a public relations fiasco on their hands and had to act fast, so they made sure to put their spin on it:
A Patriots spokesman said later that Brady meant that the fans should stay hydrated, drink water, and drink responsibly.
Sure, whatever, if you say so.

In defense of Tom Brady, most of us understand that he was joking around, but he has to be more careful with his words. You don't want to have those quotes out there and then someone gets seriously hurt in the stands while watching the game, or after the game, and then Brady gets blamed for inciting the situation. That would be a terrible thing to happen.

Brady has to also understand that he's not only the face of the New England Patriots, but he's the face of the National Football League. It's especially important this season now that Peyton Manning will likely be out for the entire year because of his injured neck.

Please, football fans, when you're at the games, behave responsibly and drink responsibly. More importantly, after the games, don't drink and drive. Let's be safe out there.

Patriots back off Brady's "Start Drinking Early" comment:

Tom Brady to Pats Fans: 'Start Drinking Early' [Sportress of Blogitude]
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