Why Was USC's Dion Bailey Riding Oregon's LaMichael James Like A Horse?

To slow down Oregon's offense in the second quarter of last night's game, USC linebacker Dion Bailey used an unconventional way of keeping Oregon running back LaMichael James from getting up for the next play.

After tackling James, Bailey climbed on top of James' back and sat on it, riding James like a horse until the referees pulled Bailey off of him.

The tactic seemed to work, as a few plays later, James fumbled the ball and USC recovered, squandering Oregon's chance to score before the first half ended. It may have proved to be the difference in the game, as USC held off a late rally by Oregon for the upset victory 38-35.

ABC video via Sports Grid.

USC’s Dion Bailey Rides LaMichael James Like A Horsie [Sports Grid]
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