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Jan 1, 2012

Bills' Drayton Florence Makes Funniest Flop Of The Year (Video)

We've had plenty of flops in the NFL this year, but Buffalo Bills cornerback Drayton Florence might take the award for funniest flop of the year for the one he made against the New England Patriots in today's NFL game in Foxboro.

It happened in the third quarter of Sunday's game after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was tackled after a run up the middle in the Bills' red zone. Florence came in late and pushed Patriots lineman Dan Connelly. However, when Connelly pushed Florence back, Florence used the opportunity to gracefully throw himself up in the air and onto the ground.

It was almost like a failed attempt to fly up and away like a superhero, which Florence clearly is not.

Buffalo's Drayton Florence, Latest NFL Flopper [Outside the Boxscore]

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