Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Carried Away With Allen Iverson Impression, Nearly Lets Curse Word Slip on SportsCenter (Video)

Cuba Gooding Jr. was live on ESPN SportsCenter Thursday promoting his new movie "Red Tails" (which is weird because there's no clear sports connection).

For some reason, Gooding began to imitate Allen Iverson and his infamous "We're talkin' about practice" speech. It was all well and good, but the next thing you knew, Gooding got a little carried away and nearly said "Rock out with your c*** out" before catching himself just in the nick of time.

In the end, what came out of Gooding's mouth was "Rock out with your co...oh, never mind.", making for a hilariously awkward moment.

Remember, that's an Academy Award winner right there.

Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s Allen Iverson Impression On SportsCenter Ends Awkwardly [Sportress of Blogitude]
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