Did American Tennis Player John Isner Pick His Nose At Australian Open? (Video)

American tennis player John Isner won his match in the first round of the 2012 Australian Open tennis tournament. However, there was an intentional hilarious moment aired on ESPN in between points of the match.

The commentator thought that a replay of Isner's forehand was about to be played to the viewers, so he set it up with "He's picking up his confidence now." Instead, however, ESPN cut to a shot of Isner on the bench, just as he appeared to be fiddling with his nose.

Whether Isner was actually picking his nose is subject to debate. He briefly grabbed his right nostril, then pinched both nostrils shut for a second before he took a drink of water. The commentator took an awkward pause as he realized that his "picking up his confidence" comment may be taken out of context.

Fortunately, his partner came in with the save: "Just making sure he can breath properly there, Doug."

Viewers of the video will need to make the call: Did Isner pick his nose? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. More importantly, however, if he did pick his nose, at least he didn't eat it, like this guy.

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John Isner Picks His Nose, Announcer Says He’s Picking Up Confidence [Larry Brown Sports]
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