ESPN's Heather Cox Recites Tebow-Inspired Rap Lyrics On Air During Heat-Nuggets Game (Video)

As an NBA sideline reporter, ESPN's Heather Cox probably never expected that her job would require her to recite rap lyrics live on the air. However, that's exactly the position Cox found herself in during the third quarter of Friday night's game in Denver as the Nuggets hosted the Miami Heat.

As Heather Cox was explaining how LeBron James has become part of the Tebow conversation, she mentioned that she overheard LeBron listening to a Rick Ross rap song with Tebow-inspired lyrics while stretching before the game.  At that point, she recited the part that she heard LeBron singing out loud which included the lines "Fourth quarter I'm back, Fourth quarter in fact, Fourth quarter, that's that".

We know LeBron needs the help as he tends to disappear in the big moments.  However, not sure what he meant when he said that he can relate to what Tim Tebow is going through...because Tim Tebow has tended to play well in the fourth quarter.

In the end, did it help?  Well, LeBron James led all scorers in the game with 35 points, including 9 in the fourth quarter, but the Heat lost to the Nuggets 117-104.

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Tebowmania Somehow Leads To ESPN’s Heather Cox Reading Rap Lyrics On Air [Sports Grid]
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