John Parr Remakes "St. Elmo's Fire" Into "Tim Tebow's Fire" (Video)

John Parr, who had a #1 hit with the title song from the 80s movie "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)", has been so inspired by the play of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow that he created a remake of his own song. The new song with updated lyrics (after the jump) is "Tim Tebow's Fire".

Sure, if you're gonna jump on the Tebow bandwagon, why not try to make some money for yourself while you're at it?

I'm sure Tebow will approve of this song. However, I doubt Tebow would have approved the subject matter of Parr's other, not quite as popular song"Naughty Naughty".

Video via KVDR-Denver.

80s Singer Remakes His Hit Song “St. Elmo’s Fire” Into “Tim Tebow’s Fire” [Last Angry Fan]
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