Anthony 'Spice' Adams makes his hilarious rap debut (Video)

While NFL free agent Anthony "Spice" Adams waits for a team to come calling, he continues to diversify his skillset with his latest first love: rap.

After chasing his NBA dreams, Adams breaks out the bling and reinvents himself as rapper 2 A's in what may be his funniest video yet.  Although sipping Dad's root beer and riding around in a Chrysler Town and Country minivan is not typical for an aspiring rapper, Spice makes it work.

Naturally Adams uses his life experience as inspiration, and being the father of young children, that makes for some interesting lyrics:
I feed my daughter peas, feed my son Eggos.  Steppin' on toys, man, Pick up these Legos!
Whether the rap game works for Adams or not, we hope there are more videos on the way.  Keep 'em coming, Spice.

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