South African soccer player earns red card for kicking opponent in the groin from behind (Video)

During a recent soccer match in South Africa between the Orlando Pirates and Supersport United, Pirates defender Rooi Mahamutsa earned himself a red card as he kicked United's Thabiso Nkoana's in the groin from behind.

It happened as Nkoana had positioned himself to bump a ball in the air with his chest and Mahamutsa was going for the ball from behind. Mahamutsa was boxed out by Nkoana and apparently felt his best chance at getting to the ball was delivering a kick through Nkoana's crotch. Yet, somehow Mahamutsa managed to express complete shock when the referee kicked him out of the game.

Let this be today's lesson: kicks to the groin are frowned upon in soccer.

H/T Dirty Tackle.
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