Angels OF Vernon Wells falls over outfield wall trying to catch home run (Video)

Los Angeles Angels left fielder Vernon Wells went head over heels over the outfield wall, but failed to catch a home run ball hit by Texas Rangers 2B Ian Kinsler during Tuesday night's MLB game at Anaheim.

It happened in the top of the third inning as Kinsler hit the ball to deep left field. Wells timed his jump well, but realized he had no chance as the ball reached the second row of the stands and bounced into the tunnel. At that point, Wells tried to protect himself from getting hurt as he fell over the low outfield wall head over heels into the stands.

A couple of fans helped Wells up to his feet, and as Wells ran back to his position in left field, he got some applause from the Angels fans for his effort. Wells wasn't too happy, but he probably was in a better mood after the game as the Angels pounded the Rangers for an 11-3 victory.

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