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Jan 22, 2013

Paul MacLean lookalike ejected from seat behind Senators bench (Video)

Ottawa Senators head coach Paul MacLean was so focused on the game that he may have had no idea that a lookalike fan was sitting in the front row seat right behind the Senators bench.

Paul MacLean lookalike sits behind Senators bench

SportsNet cameras perfectly captured MacLean with an impersonator sitting right behind him, and viewers and broadcasters got a good chuckle out of it. However, apparently a Senators team executive (or NHL executive) did not find this funny. We can't confirm that the MacLean lookalike was kicked out of the arena, but video did show arena security removing the MacLean lookalike from his front row seat.

H/T Sports Grid, NESN.

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  1. Mike Watson & his crew left early to beat the out rush.WTF


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