David Feherty crashes bike into Paul Azinger's bushes (Video)

Golf Channel television host David Feherty had a little accident during a recent taping of his show "Feherty" when he crashed a bicycle into some bushes while riding down Paul Azinger's driveway.

Feherty borrowed a helmet from Azinger, who had just drove off with his motorcycle.  However, as Feherty headed down the driveway, he began complaining about the visibility of the helmet.  That would seem to explain why Feherty veered off the side of the driveway and ended up doing a faceplant in Azinger's bushes, despite the fact that he had no cars to maneuver around and the driveway was pretty wide.

The fun didn't stop there, as the television crew was kind enough to replay the crash for Azinger, who got a real kick out of it.  Not sure if this footage will make the final cut of the upcoming episode, but Feherty could  gain a whole lot of new viewers if he does accidental stunts like this every week.  Super Dave would be proud.

Watch the video here via Yahoo! Sports. H/T DBG.

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