Pablo Prigioni trips himself up, takes embarrassing fall (Video)

pablo prigioni trip
New York Knicks point guard Pablo Prigioni took an embarrassing fall at midcourt with no one around as he tripped himself up during the third quarter of Monday night's game at Madison Square Garden.

Prigioni was running back on defense where he took a misstep on the midcourt logo, losing his balance and falling helplessly to the ground. Unfortuantely, that's how the Knicks season has gone so far as they suffered another loss to fall to 7-17 on the season.

UPDATE: Prigioni was taken out of the game less than two minutes later and did not return. It was revealed after the game that Prigioni has a hairline fracture in his right toe and will be out for at least two weeks. If we're reading into this correctly, it would seem that this is the play where Prigioni's injury occurred. That's so Knicks.

[Vine] H/T TNLP.
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