Patriots LB Jerod Mayo now has his own gourmet mayo (Photo)

New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo is taking advantage of the fact that his last name is the nickname for mayonnaise by releasing his own line of, what else, gourmet mayonnaise.

PLB Sports, a Pittsburgh-based company that sells celebrity-endorsed products, is selling 3-packs of "Jerod's All-Pro Mayo" for $10. The mayonnaise comes in 3 different flavors: "KICKIN’ BUFFALO", "BRUISIN’ BACON", and "CRUSHIN’ CHIPOTLE".

It's nice that Mayo has found a way to make a little money on the side, but to show he's not doing it all for himself, he's also donating a portion of his proceeds to Boston Medical Center. Raising money for charity is always a good thing.

H/T Sportress.
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