Tigers fan sacrifices popcorn during fantastic one-handed catch (Video)

A Detroit Tigers fan sacrificed some of his popcorn while making a fantastic one-handed catch on a foul ball during Thursday's game against Kansas City.

Tigers fan one-handed catch
It happened in the top of the fifth as Royals batter Mike Moustakas hit a foul popup into the stands. The ball ricocheted off a cement wall in the back of one of the upper decks back down into the lower deck. The fan, wearing a customized Torii Hunter T-shirt, was walking in the aisle with his popcorn when the ball came his way. The fan had to turn around and reach back for the ball, throwing him off balance, but he made the amazing catch while keeping himself on his feet as the momentum took him backwards down the aisle steps.

Considering how this Tigers fan could have hurt himself in the process, losing a few kernels of popcorn is a small price to pay for a souvenir.

Video via MLB.
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