Canadian skeleton racer Jane Channell crashes into broom on track (GIF / Video)


Canada's Jane Channell crashed into a broom that was left behind on the track during her opening heat in Sunday's Skeleton World Cup race in Austria.

Due to the snowy weather, officials interrupted the race after every three starts to wipe the fresh snow off the track. Unfortunately, one staffer stayed on the track too long and left their broom behind while they escaped the track at the last possible moment to avoid a collision.

Channell was hit in the shoulder but kept on going and finished the race. More importantly, however, Channell was not injured due to the incident.

Channell was granted a do-over, where she finished 0.20 seconds slower than the original attempt. In the end, Channell failed to finish in the top 10.

H/T FTW, News&Observer.
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