Alabama DL Da'Ron Payne catches TD in Sugar Bowl (Video)

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Da'Ron Payne showed some impressive athletic ability by catching a touchdown pass on a goal-line play during the third quarter of Monday night's Sugar Bowl against Clemson.

Alabama was on the 1-yard line looking to extend their 10-6 lead. Payne lined up as the left fullback, motioned to the right and ran towards the pylon. When the pass was thrown to him, Payne hopped into the air to grab the ball and got his toes in the end zone before his momentum carried him out of bounds.

We've seen linemen run the ball into the end zone before, but we've never seen one show so much potential as a receiver.

The touchdown came just a few minutes after Payne caught an interception. Payne was named outstanding defensive player of the game. Alabama beat Clemson 24-6 to advance to the national championship game against SEC rival Georgia.

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