Stelios Demetriou eats chocolate bar after being hit by opposing fan (Video)

In Scottish Championship league soccer action, St. Mirren defender Stelios Demetriou was hit by a chocolate bar thrown at him during Tuesday night's match at Greenock Morton.

Demetriou was about to take a throw-in in the 61st minute when he was pelted in the shoulder by the flying candy. However, Demetriou was able to make the most of the situation as he picked up the chocolate, unwrapped it, and took a big bite out of it before getting back to the game.

Normally we don't recommend eating food that has fallen on the ground, but the candy bar still had its wrapper on it, so no harm in this case.

As far as the fan who threw the chocolate, we hope that security found the person and threw them out of the stadium.  There's no place for that nonsense.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw.


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