Video: LSU Touchdown Called Back For the Punter

LSU punter Brad Wing executed a fake punt to perfection yesterday and ran down the left sideline untouched for a touchdown near the end of the first quarter. However, the touchdown was called back because of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Wing...for taunting.

The play took place near the end of the first quarter with LSU already up 14-0. As Wing ran down the sideline, he briefly stuck out his arms around the 10-yard line as if to say "Hey, look at me" before getting into the end zone. Under the new rule in place this year for celebrations that take place before the play is dead, the penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul, so LSU would get the ball at the 23-yard line and eventually settle for a field goal. Fortunately for LSU, they had the game well in hand en route to a 41-11 win over Florida.

It's debatable whether this rule should be in place or not, as you'd like to see the players be able to express themselves and have fun once in a while. However, based on the rule, it would appear that the officials were correct in calling the penalty, and as they say, "the rules are the rules".

Personally I don't have a problem with this, especially knowing that the player in question is the team's punter. If you're a punter, you shouldn't be taunting anyone.

LSU Fake Punt TD Called Back For "Taunting" [Sports Grid]
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